User Profile

To access your User Profile, click on your user name in the topbar navigation then select My Profile.


Here you can enter or change any of the profile fields. Once your changes have been made, click ‘Save’.

User Information Tab

The User Information Tab houses all your basic contact info. Any changes made to this form will notify your HR representative, and the upper left corner of your User Information Tab will indicate *Changes pending. To cancel your change request, click on the Cancel Change Request button at the bottom of this tab.

If you try to exit this form without clicking Save you will receive the following reminder:

Click Stay Here to save changes or Leave Page to cancel changes.

Settings Tab

The Settings Tab allows you to change your login and email passwords, update your security question, and create a new ERP PIN. The PIN is used for all ERP modules that require a PIN for access.

Notification Settings Tab

The contents of the Notification Settings tab depend on your assigned position. Administrators can set functions for positions that add fields to this tab. Depending on your position, you might need to enter some of the following additional information:

User Alert Dates and Times - The calendar and time fields indicate the time window in which myAvail can send alert messages. Union rules may apply.

Default Fleet Groups - This field specifies which fleet groups the user will automatically monitor while they are on the Operations tab. A fleet group is a defined set of vehicles.

Default Talk Group - This field sets the default group the user monitors. A talk group is a defined set of communication methods, such as radios and VoIP numbers.

Event Email and Text Alerts - Used to specify the types of alerts that the user should receive. Typically, an internal event triggers an alert to notify a user about the need to act. Avail customizes these alerts for each property.

Incident Email and Text Alerts - Used to specify the types of incident alerts that the user should receive. When a user records an incident (usually an external event), it triggers these alerts. Read Incident Alerts to learn more. 

Payroll Settings Tab

The Payroll Settings tab is available only if:

  • Your agency is configured to utilize myAvail's Payroll functionality, 
  • Your assigned User Type is Employee on the Basic Info Tab within Personnel, and
  • Your position is granted access to Human Resources>Approvals and Payroll.

The Payroll Settings tab allows you to see salary information, current pay rate, and pay rate history, as well as download payroll documents: W2s and earnings statements. It also allows you to make changes to your Direct Deposit information.

Click the Change button in Payroll Settings.

All fields in red are required when making changes to your Direct Deposit. If you would like to add Additional Distributions, click on the ADD DISTRIBUTION button.

Click Save and receive confirmation that you want to make these changes.

Click Yes to save or Cancel to discard changes.

You will now see in the upper left of this form a highlighted changes pending, if you need to cancel these changes click on the Cancel All Change Request button.

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