ETMS Navigation and Search

Global Navigation Bar

The global nav bar is a permanent feature on every page of myAvail that provides consistent access to other pages and features.

  1. Home icon
  2. Product Suite menu
  3. Search bar
  4. Notification bell
  5. User Profile menu
  6. Wayfinder
  7. Breadcrumbs

Home icon

Click on your agency logo from any screen to navigate back to your myAvail home page.

Product Suite menu

Product Suites are the top-level groupings of myAvail pages and features. Your position and agency licensing determine what options you see. See ETMS Structure > Product Suites for more information.

Search bar

Use the search bar to quickly find and navigate to any page or feature in myAvail, including reports and dashboards. You'll only see results for pages and features that are enabled for your position. Click on a result to navigate to the page or feature. 


Your search terms will be matched with results from features, page names, and card descriptions. 

Notification bell

This feature alerts you when you have a workflow notification from your agency. See Notification Bell for more information.

User Profile Menu

From the user profile menu, you can access your profile and product info or log out. See User Access Overview for more information. 


With Wayfinder you can access on-screen walkthroughs, product documentation, announcements, and more. Simply click the Wayfinder icon on any page to explore. See Wayfinder for more information.


The breadcrumb navigation shows the drilldown of where you are in myAvail. The elements in blue are links to pages higher in the product hierarchy. In the example below, we're on the Journal Entries page. Clicking on the Finance link would take us to the main Finance product suite page.

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