Community-Driven Innovation with Feature Voting

In this article, we describe how we handle product feedback and prioritize enhancement requests. We also detail how you can influence the product roadmap and Avail's R&D efforts. 

Product Development Methodology

Avail’s solutions have been and will continue to be focused on meeting the needs of our customers in the Public Transportation Industry. Most of our features and functionalities result from direct feedback from either existing or prospective customers and our product roadmap this year is no different. This year is a little different, though, as we shift from large architectural developments back to feature and functionality development. We are reaching out to our customers to set the course for the next couple of years.

This started with a review of our product backlog with priority given to the feedback we’ve received through customer cases for product improvements and enhancements. All of the cases have been reviewed and fall into one of three categories:

  • Areas of the product that have a high level of feedback indicating investment is needed and can fit into our development plan. These products are scheduled to be updated throughout 2024 and have particular customer cases that will be closed as a result of that work.
  • Areas of the product that have a moderate level of feedback and require a development plan to be formed around them. Avail does not undertake these efforts lightly and only runs a few of them in parallel so we will be continuing with our Engage theme and asking our customers to rank what investments would provide the highest value to their specific agencies. These efforts are intended to improve that product area and while are not directly tied to the cases logged that feedback will inform the design when we undertake a new product area. These customer cases will be closed and feedback will be collected at a summary level.
  • Areas of the product or specific requests that have a very limited impact on our customer base are typically very specific requests or focused on areas of the product that have very minor adoption. These cases will be closed and customers can pursue this development under a contracted engagement if desired.

The Engage Conference Development Effort

At Avail, we prioritize your feedback to steer our R&D efforts toward enhancing the areas of our product that matter most to you. We believe in giving our customers a seat at the table, allowing you to leave your mark and shape the direction of our product according to your needs and preferences.

As part of our commitment to community-driven innovation, we're excited to introduce feature voting, now available within the myAvail ETMS. This empowers our customers to directly influence the evolution of our product. Your input matters greatly as all feedback collected will directly inform our development priorities throughout the year.

This collaborative journey culminates at our Engage national user conference, where we're thrilled to foster an immersive experience. Here, attendees not only connect with peers and delve into best practices but also engage directly with Avail and our solutions partners. Together, we're building a dynamic and interactive platform that reflects the collective needs and aspirations of our community. Join us at Engage and be part of shaping the future of Avail's solutions.

Feature Voting

Using Wayfinder, you can vote on the features that are most important to you. Quickly identify which features are must-haves, nice-to-haves, or ones you're not interested in - all without leaving myAvail.

To use feature voting:

  1. Click the Wayfinder icon
  2. Select Roadmap | Give Feedback from the menu
  3. Choose a solution from the list
  4. Review the development ideas
    • Click the shaded title to expand the description
      Feature Voting - expand idea description.gif
    • Click to return to the idea list
  5. Mark each idea as:
    • Must have
    • Nice to have
    • Not interested
  6. Click when you're done

Repeat the process with other solutions if you'd like to provide additional feedback.  

NOTE: You can vote for the same feature more than once, but we'll only track your most recent response.
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