ETMS Structure

Enterprise Transit Management Software, or ETMS, is a unique platform that provides features and functionality to power and support every part of your work, from operations and maintenance to finance and administration. These features are fully integrated into a single web-based architecture and are part of the same system where data is shared automatically through the platform.

ETMS is composed of four main structures:

Each of these can be found by browsing through myAvail or by using the search bar.

Product Suites

Each suite is a collection of pages that contain features. For example, clicking on the Finance suite opens the Finance page containing the cards for Avail's Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, and General Ledger solutions, and more. Hover over tooltips on the Product Suites drop-down tooltip to reveal a brief description of each suite.


Your user position and agency licensing determine what suites will show for you in the drop-down. Throughout ETMS, you will only see features to which you have been granted permission. Contact your myAvail administrator if you're missing access to features you need but don't see. You might need a new or updated position to access those features. 


Cards are rectangular navigation elements that link to pages containing more cards, forms, or tables. Each card contains a name, a brief description, and an icon that helps you quickly identify its purpose.

Favorite cards that you continually use, which displays them on your home screen for quick access.

To favorite a card:

  • Click the heart icon in the upper right corner of the card.
  • If you change your mind, simply click the heart again and the card will be removed from your home page on the next refresh.



Forms are multiple-tabbed features for inputting data into myAvail. Some forms, like the Add Personnel form, dynamically add additional tabs based on your initial selections. To complete a form, fill in the fields on each tab using the mceclip1.png button to proceed through the form. Completing all the required fields - marked with asterisks - enables you to:

Saving forms

The first time you save the form will add the new record - such as a user or a vehicle - to the system. Immediately after saving a record, the mceclip2.png button will become disabled and greyed out - mceclip3.png - indicating there are no unsaved changes. Any changes to the record - either editing existing data or adding new data - will enable the Save button. 

If you attempt to close the record without saving it, you will receive a notification:


Select Stay Here to continue making changes and save your progress, or choose Leave Page to abandon the changes. 

Navigating to other tabs

To switch tabs, simply click on the tab name. 



See the Attachments article for more information.


Tables display system data, such as vehicle incidents, and let you sort, filter, and search for specific records. To reset the table, click Clear Filters.


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