Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections

NOTE: This article discusses the optional pre-trip inspections feature. If your agency is interested in licensing this customizable feature, refer to the Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections Overview and contact your account manager or email

The pre-trip vehicle inspections feature enables your agency's vehicle operators to perform inspections after logging on to the MDT. The inspections include the following screens:

Check Screens


Use the standard vehicle inspection check screens to record various equipment failures as defined by your agency.

To use the check screen:

  • Press the green check mark icon blobid3.png for all inspection checks that do not have problems.
  • Press the red X button blobid4.png for any inspection check that fails. A new screen will open for failed inspections where you identify the Failure Reasons.
  • After selecting either a blobid3.png or blobid4.png for each item on a vehicle inspection screen, press the next button mceclip0.png to continue to the next screen. The MDT will remember your selections.

As in the MDT screenshot above, the next button will be disabled and appear greyed out mceclip1.png until you complete all items for a particular vehicle inspection screen.

Vehicle inspection screens that occur after the first vehicle inspection screen will include a previous button mceclip2.png for returning to previously completed screens, as well as the next button for moving forward from completed screens.

Failure Reasons

When you press a button on a vehicle inspection Check screen, the MDT opens a new screen for selecting the check failure reason. You select more than one failure reason. The example above illustrates the Failure Reasons screen, showing agency-defined failure reasons for its external equipment check. Your property may have different screens.

To use the failure reason screen:

  • Press a failure reason button to toggle it between mceclip3.png and mceclip4.png
    • mceclip3.png indicates no failure. In the example above,  indicates that the operator did not observe a Headlamps failure in the external
    • mceclip4.png indicates a failure. In the example above,  indicates that the operator found a brake light failure in the external equipment check.
  • If the More button is enabled, press it to view additional failure reason screens.
  • After you select all applicable failure reasons, press the done button mceclip5.png to return to the vehicle inspection screen. The MDT will remember your selections. If you accidentally open a Failure Reason screen, you can press the Done button without making any selections. You can return to the Failure Reasons screen by pressing the blobid4.png button for a particular vehicle check.

Body Damage

After the standard Vehicle Inspection Check screen(s), there may be a set of Body Damage screens, which provide an area for the operators to report any visible vehicle body damage. The Body Damage screens are configured to match your vehicle type.

To use the body damage screen:

  • If there is any damage to the body or glass on the vehicle, touch the area of the bus to indicate the location of the damage.
    • When you press a body location, the MDT opens a Failure Reasons screen.
    • When you click the Done button in the Failure Reasons screen, the MDT will return to the Body Damage screen.
    • All undamaged body locations on the Body Damage screen will appear transparent.
    • All damaged body locations will appear solid white.
  • If you need to go back to a previous inspection screen, press the Prev button. The system will remember your selections.
  • Press the Next to move to the next body damage inspection screen, which will show a different view of the vehicle. The Next button is always enabled for Body Damage screens. You only need to record damages if they exist.

Submit Pre-Trip Results

The Submit Pretrip screen allows you to submit pre-trip inspection results or to redo the inspections.

To use this screen:

  1. Press the Submit button to finish the inspection and send the results to dispatch.
  2. Press the Cancel button to start pre‑trip tests over with a clean slate.
  3. Alternatively, press the Prev button to review or modify previous inspection results.

Load Stored Results for Driver Change (Optional)

myAvail can be configured to allow operators to bypass vehicle inspection when performing driver changes during a service day. This option is available to eliminate the work time required to perform vehicle inspections at driver change.

  • This feature must be enabled to function. Contact your Avail representative for more information.
  • This feature only works during a vehicle service day, and only if the myAvail in‑vehicle system has not completely powered down.
  • This feature will still work if the ignition is turned OFF, and with the myAvail in‑vehicle application still running on the MDT. This may be helpful in areas where vehicle idle laws are in effect.

The myAvail in‑vehicle system will eventually shut down with the ignition OFF. The shutdown time depends on configuration settings, and whether an operator is still logged on or not. An ignition-OFF shutdown is necessary at some point to prevent battery drain.

Once enabled, the new operator will see this MDT screen immediately after pressing the Logon button on the Logon screen:

To use the previous operator’s vehicle inspection results, the new operator should press the Load Stored Results button.

  • The MDT will still display the Vehicle Inspection screens, but they will be populated with the previous operator’s results.
  • The new operator can modify the vehicle inspection screens if new failures are found on the vehicle.
  • The new operator will still need to perform the Pre‑trip Manual Tests.

The new operator can alternatively press the Clear Results and Start Fresh button. This will start the Pre‑trip tests from scratch.

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