Issues Screen at Logon

After completing the logon process, self-diagnostics processes will automatically run behind the scenes. Then after the operator completes the DVIR (if configured) and the standard pre-trip inspections, they will press 'Submit Results'. At that point the MDT displays the Issues Screen. This screen lists any failed startup tests or displays the text No Issues Detected if there are no failures.
You can open the Issues screen at any time by pressing the mceclip2.png screen mceclip1.png button, and then clicking the Issues button from the maintenance screen. This maintenance issues screen is the same as the logon issues screen except the mceclip3.png button is replaced with the mceclip0.png button after normal logon is complete.

The image below shows an example of the issues screen with some example failures. Hopefully, you won’t see any issues, but if you do, please report any failures to maintenance or dispatch, especially if it is an agency requirement.


WARNING: After viewing the Logon Issues screen, simply press the Close button to go to the MDT Home screen, where the piece of work displays. This completes the logon process. Any failure- related information will automatically be directed to your maintenance team. 
TIP: There may be more than one page of issues. If so, use the Up and Down buttons to view other pages.
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