Maintenance and Training MDT Log On

Before discussing the rest of the normal logon process, it is important to note that there is a special logon process for maintenance runs and operator training runs.

Maintenance runs are vehicle trips performed by the property Maintenance staff for verifying vehicle repairs or for various testing purposes.

Operator Training runs are vehicle trips designated for training new operators, allowing operators to learn a new or different run, or for other operator training purposes.

For these special logons, the myAvail in-vehicle system will operate the same as in normal operation with the following exceptions:

  • The Destination sign will replace the normal display with a predefined message such as ‘Training - No Pick-Ups’.
  • The normal exterior announcement is replaced with a special predefined message for communicating to waiting passengers that the vehicle is not in normal passenger service.
  • The myAvail in‑vehicle application information reported to the property is tagged as a Maintenance or Training run so that it will not be collected with passenger service data.
TIP: Maintenance and operator training logons do not perform start‑of‑trip time validations. Consequently, these logons will not be denied due to early or late logon times.

To log on to a Maintenance or operator Training run, perform the following actions on the MDT:

  1. Press the top-row Menu button
  2. From the Menu screen, press the Maintenance button 
  3. The Maintenance Logon screen shown below will appear:  
  4. Use the number pad to enter the Driver ID.
  5. Use the number pad to enter the appropriate Run or Block ID, whichever is applicable.
  6. For a Maintenance Run, press the Maint Logon button, or for an operator Training run, press the Training Logon
  7. The remainder of the Maintenance or Training logon is identical to the normal logon process as summarized in Logging on to the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT).
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