Logging on to the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) [Video]


The MDT logon screen appears after the vehicle's bootup process completes. At this point, the myAvail application acts as a single point of login for all connected in‑vehicle equipment, as configured for each project.

As part of the MDT logon process, drivers enter their Driver ID. This is an identification number that is assigned to them in their personnel account in ETMS (HR product suite). 

TIP: System Administrators assign Driver IDs to personnel who are required to logon to a vehicle's MDT. For example, operators, mechanics, and road supervisors will use the MDT in their workflows. To assign Driver IDs, system administrators use the Personnel card in ETMS, which is in the Human Resources (HR) product suite.

The logon screen requires that the operator also enters the work service Id that they will be performing. myAvail is configured for either the run number - which identifies an operator’s work for a service day - or a block ID - which identifies the vehicle’s work for a service day. 

The logon screen may show an optional odometer field. If visible, an odometer field with a white background is editable by the operator. Alternatively, if the odometer value is reported via the vehicle J1939 network, this field is automatically populated and cannot be edited by the operator.

TIP: When directed by dispatch, the operator may logon using a special run or block number. The system assigns special Run or Block numbers for services that are not part of the published schedule but do have a start and end date. Using parking lot shuttle services for special events is an example.

To logon to the myAvail app, perform the following actions on the MDT Logon screen:

  1. Enter your Driver ID.
  2. Enter your Run or Block ID. (The MDT Logon screen will only display one field for the defined work type.)
  3. If the Odometer field is present with a white background, enter the vehicle’s odometer value. (If the Odometer field is greyed out or not present, no action is required.)
  4. Press the Logon button.

* The final steps in the logon process will be covered in the following sections, but are listed here in summary:

  1. DVIR Vehicle Inspection- These screens will display first, if electronic damage reporting is configured. These checks allow the operator to record vehicle damage such as cracked windows or scratched sidewall panels using a Pass/Fail system. See section DVIR Vehicle Inspections
  2. Standard Pre‑trip-  These test screens will appear next and are a Pass/Fail system. The operator tests the following: 1) the Automated Passenger Count [APC) system] 2) the internal and external announcement speakers for ADA compliance and 3) the wheelchair lift, also for ADA compliance, all to confirm they are in working condition before beginning revenue service. See section Standard Pretrip Tests.
    • IMPORTANT SOPs: It is important that properties develop policies around the operator MDT login and pretrip workflow processes. It is critical that operators logon to each new run piece, for accurate data capture related to the live schedule being used in the vehicle.
    • Operators must know when property policies allow them to skip or bypass system tests. These policies will be a factor when planning relief points and the amount of time allowed at the start of each run piece.
  • After vehicle inspections are performed, the MDT will display a screen for the operator to submit Pre‑trip test results or to cancel and start over.
  • If automated diagnostics tests are still ongoing after Pre-trip tests are completed, a Diagnostics screen may appear and then close after all diagnostic tests are complete. See section Logon Diagnostics Screen.
  • The final MDT screen in the logon process is the Issues screen, which displays any problems with the automated tests.
  • To complete the logon process, press the Close button to go to the Home screen.
  • If the logon is invalid, the MDT will indicate this. For more information, see the section Fixed-End Logon Only: Log On Before or After Run Time and Logon Failures.
  • It is important to understand that the myAvail system will only allow an operator to logon within a configurable number of minutes prior to the start time of a Run. The MDT will display Invalid Run ID in the lower‑left Status text box of the MDT for early logon attempts, as well as for expired or incorrectly entered Run or Block IDs.
    If the operator fails three (3) consecutive logon attempts, the system alerts dispatch.
TIP: The myAvail system includes an optional feature for Pullout Management.  Pullout management tools allow the software to track pullout events to support on-time performance at the start of a shift: Operator Check in, MDT login, first pullout event ( departing the first trigger box/ vehicle starting point).
TIP: These features can be configured to include an electronic check in time, tracking the time that the operator logs on the MDT (myAvail in‑vehicle application), and the time the vehicle leaves the yard. The software validates that an operator’s logon correctly matches their assigned Run or Block. 

MDT Video Demo

This video includes covers the MDT logon process, an overview of the MDT screens, and the logout process. 

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