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Use the Build & Deploy top-level tab in the myAvail Dispatch Client or a Build & Deploy card in the ETMS to import schedule data, validate schedule data, build the vehicle run files, and deploy the files that a schedule change requires. myAvail distributes these features across four sub-tabs that you must use in sequence to deploy a new schedule. The sub-tabs are the following:

  • Data Import: Imports schedule data from your scheduling package and places the data into an interim database for the initial validation.
  • Validate: Identifies problems in the future schedule and provides recommendations for resolving them.
  • Build: Initiates the build process for the vehicle block files and the general transit files.
  • Deploy: Specify the deployment date for the future schedule to become the current, active schedule.
NOTE: Data Import can only import schedule data into the Future schedule. Therefore, myAvail can only validate, build, and publish schedule changes in the Future schedule. If your property requires a correction to the current schedule, please contact Avail Support.
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