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GTFS Overview

Avail can automatically generate new GTFS files for the schedule, but the General Transit File box must be selected, and an agency must have a Google account.
If an agency does not have an account, this process is explained in the “How to Create a Google Transit Account” article.
When the user is on the Build Tab and they check the “General Transit Files” box, then select the Build Output Files button, this will automatically create the GTFS files.

If there are errors with the GTFS files, they will be noted in the GTFS Status area of the screen (pink highlighted box).

  • If errors or missing files occur (11 of 14 files), the user can do a rebuild by selecting the Build Output Files button again.
  • If the problem still exists, please submit a customer portal ticket with the pertinent information and applicable screenshots.


  • After the files are created and all files are accounted for, Avail will push them to InfoPoint, where Google will automatically grab them.
  • Should an agency wish to obtain their GTFS files, they may do so by adding the highlighted content after their InfoPoint URL.


When the URL is adjusted with the highlighted content, select Enter on your keyboard, and Google will automatically download your schedule files.

Once the download is complete, the files can be seen and selected by going to the “Downloads” on the PC

Build Tab: Status Notifications and Final Steps

  • Files will begin building
    Note: files are building on the server so you can leave the page or logout and check the status later
  • The status shows progress:
    40 of 587 blocks processed
    40 blocks built successfully
    0 blocks with errors

Build Tab: Error Review

  • When errors are noted, they will be displayed in the table below
  • Mouse over the row to see more information
  • Errors will need to be corrected in the schedule data
  • Then revalidate and rebuild


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