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Some properties have a Yard Coordinator that identifies the location of all vehicles and assigns a vehicle to each block of work for the next service day. If your property uses this approach, use the Vehicle Assignments tab to set up the assignments. myAvail uses the information that you enter in this screen to create the pullout grid for each morning’s vehicle assignments.

myAvail includes a Yard Management feature that is often used in conjunction with Pullout Management. The Yard Map in Yard Management displays the current location of vehicles in the yard. Use this information to assign vehicles to blocks, tell operators where their assigned vehicle is located, and identify vehicles that are down for maintenance. This feature includes drag-and-drop functionality that you can use to assign vehicles to Pullout Management.

If your dispatchers assign different vehicles to each block every day based on where the vehicle is parked in the yard/garage or when the driver arrives, then you might need to assign all of your vehicles each morning using the yard map and pullout grid, which is described in Reassigning Operators and Vehicles.

If you have permission to create vehicle assignments, myAvail displays the Vehicle Assignment top-level tab. After you click this tab, the screen below is displayed.


To create standard vehicle assignments, first, select the service level that you want to work on from the Service Level drop-down list. After you select a service level, myAvail populates the Vehicle Assignments grid with the blocks that are active on that service level and orders them by pullout time. Clicking in the Vehicle column displays a drop-down list of all vehicles from which you can select a vehicle. Alternatively, type in the vehicle number.

After you have all the assignments made for this service level, click Save in the upper-right-hand corner. If you have the same vehicle assigned to more than one block in this service level, myAvail displays an error that indicates which vehicle and blocks are in error. You must correct these errors before you can save the data. If you try to navigate away from this tab with unsaved changes, myAvail asks whether you want to navigate away and lose your changes or cancel the navigation so you can click Save. You must complete the assignments for all service levels in your schedule.

TIP: If you have multiple vehicles scheduled for a single block, use the Tripper function in the Pullout window to assign a second vehicle to a given block/run.

All changes that you make to vehicle assignments go into effect the next time myAvail creates the pullout grid (usually the next service day). The blocks shown for each service level are based on the current schedule only. Consequently, all vehicle assignments that need to change due to schedule change in the future schedule must be made after the schedule is published.

If you need to make many vehicle assignment changes, clear all the current assignments first by clicking the Clear icon mceclip1.png in the upper-right-hand corner. Clear sets all the vehicle assignments to “None” for the service level that you selected.

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