myAvail 8.3.0 Release Notes

We've completed development and testing of our latest product release:

  • myAvail Enterprise Transit Management Solution (ETMS) 8.3.0

This build addresses issues found in previous builds and includes new and merged functionality. The enhancements and fixes are described in the tables at the bottom.


Synchronization of version numbers

Beginning with release 8.3.0, myAvail and Business Intelligence are identified with the same version number. This synchronization simplifies versioning, reduces confusion when referencing releases, and allows us to provide streamlined support. 

Automatically create work orders from incidents

Generating work orders just got simpler with our improved tool for creating work orders from your agency's vehicle incidents.

  • Streamline the workflow by automating work order creation
  • Customize triggers to create work orders from select incident types
  • Position-based permissions to support your agency's workflow

Report optimization

We've optimized the Average Daily Ridership report in Business Intelligence (BI) for faster load times. 

Navigation improvements

Searching and browsing ETMS is now clearer with the removal of duplicate card names. We've updated card names in ETMS to more accurately reflect the connected feature or page. 

Enhancements and Feature Adjustments

ID #



Automatic Creation of Work Orders from Incidents


CA-033761 Speed Improvement to Average Daily Ridership


ETMS - 2 cards with the same name - Confusing

Resolved Issues

ID #



StoredProcedure [dbo].[spDimMergeCount] and StoredProcedure [dbo].[spDimSetActiveInd] assume dbo schema


FI - Shop Issue imports put all entries onto first WO


CA-032589 - Typo in RegistrationDataResources that is customer facing


CA-033357 Farebox and APC percentage incorrect


BI Farebox and APC Analysis Block Option Fails


CA-035071 Check Print Margin

Abbreviations: FI - Fuel Island; BI - Business Intelligence

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