myAvail 9.3 Release Notes

Avail has completed the development and testing of the new myAvail build: ETMS 9.3 These builds address issues found in previous builds and include new and merged functionality. The issues resolved and feature enhancements and adjustments are described in the tables below.

Feature Enhancements and Adjustments

ID #


Vehicle Incidents

myAvail Compliance Vehicle Incidents now has been enhanced to capture additional data on the incident including accident and road call information. The service calculation functionality has been updated to increase reliability. 
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37850 Service Tab UI Rework
37632 Allow User to Edit Past Current Day
20313 Cascade the dropdowns from the Block selection
20629 Validate Service Info
38105 Additional Service Calculation
39078 Add Accident Fields to Incidents
39082 Major Incidents
39086 Add ETMS URL to Incident Emails
38302 Remove Service Info Auto Population
35371 Add Tow/Roadcall Checkbox

Resolved Issues

ID #


Dispatch Client
39619 CA-040002 - BCTA - 9.1 myAvail Unable to Subscribe to Updates until OpenSilver Site and App Pools in IIS are cycled
39637 SubscriptionProxyHub.cs starting multiple HubConnections when restarted or recycled with clients connected
39851 Double Clicking "Yes" or "No" on Logevent screen locks application
38942 Status tab in myAvail Opensilver is coming up as gray, loading no buses
38041 Operations > Communications dialog shifts on screen after initial load, user can interact with screen before it is done loading
39052 Argument Null & Null Reference Exceptions on Operations Load
39545 Communications dialog - changing content in dialog removes the ability to close an opened list
39692 OpenSilver - Empty Operations tab loads on login if user does not have access to Operations tab
39428 Web based myAvail - Loss of interactivity with Communications dialog
39135 Operations - Inconsistent vehicle icon with EA and speeding
38291 Operations Map - issues with stop/timepoints rendering over vehicle icon
38967 Vehicle icons and route traces take a long time to load on Operations Map
36203 OpenSilver - Platform Vehicles Operator column not expanding to show text on single line
37051 Vehicle Locations - angled yard map area does not have matching angled grid lines
36791 Inspection Settings - check problems text formatted differently than elsewhere on screen
Business Intelligence
39519 Foothill BI Issues
39520 BI OnTime Overview Reports Not Correct for Multi-Site Properties
39524 BI Legacy On-time Performance Does Not Process Old Schedules
36191 Performance Improvements in the BI SA Reports
29058 CA-028795 - Akron - Total Trips in NTD Summary does not match Total Trips in schedule health report for a given day
39701 Deadhead trips not being imported correctly for some scheduling packages
39651 CA-040016 - AP - Check Print Format Change
39131 CA-039482 OT Run Assignment - Unable to Unassign and Reassign Runs
39404 CA-039649 - RVTA - 9.1 Issue - MyAvail Dispatch Logoff Error when logging out any time after visiting the TIS tab.
39405 CA-039648 - RVTA - 9.1 Issues - TIS Route Columns CSS Issue (Wrapping/Scrollbar)
39406 CA-039647 - RVTA - 9.1 Issues - TIS Bay Display Issues (Dropping Status Colors)
39635 CA-040036 PR - Alabama State - Calc Voided Check Incorrect State Taxes
39735 CA-040269 - W2 Box 12 Format
39852 CA-040396 CA-040263 CA-039895 PR - Earning Statement Emails not sending
39584 CA-039599 - PR - Alabama State Tax Changes 1/1/2024 through 6/30/2025

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