Operations Tab Overview

Use the Operations tab to view current operations, establish communications with the vehicles, and access many functions to address operations issues. This chapter contains information on all dispatch functions that myAvail provides. However, depending on how your property defines positions, you might not have access to all these functions.

Operations Tab Users

While Dispatchers are the primary users, myAvail allows other staff to use the Operations tab without disrupting the active dispatchers who are monitoring fleet operations. The following examples highlight default positions where the Operations tab is the primary tab. Depending on your agency's configuration, there may be other customized positions with access to the Operations tab:

  • Operations Supervisor: This position allows supervisors (Supervisor/Manager/Director) to view current operations and step in to provide direction as needed. The configuration of their Operations tab should be like a dispatcher’s configuration.
  • Road Supervisor: This position allows field staff to access myAvail on a tablet or laptop in their vehicle. The Operations tab is configured for the resolution of immediate issues and takes the limitations of the portable device into consideration.
  • Customer Service: Avail designed this position for properties where the Customer Service staff handles complaint resolution and monitors the system for potential problems. For this position, the Operations tab only allows users to view the current operational status and not interact with it.
  • Maintenance: The Maintenance position leverages vehicle health information to facilitate more efficient operations. In the base configuration, the Operations tab allows Maintenance to monitor the health of the Avail equipment on the vehicle and to assist in locating vehicles that need retrieval or assistance from Maintenance.

myAvail has an optional Vehicle Health Monitoring feature that monitors a variety of maintenance codes that vehicles produce over the J1939 network. The system identifies high-priority codes that your property needs to address urgently. The system can send e-mails or text messages directly to the Maintenance staff. This real-time monitoring allows your property to proactively prevent serious problems and to react quickly to problems that do occur to minimize the impact on the schedule.
Read Maintenance Queue Report for more information.

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