Closed-Mic Operation

If your system is a closed-mic private radio system or VoIP system, operators must send a Request to Talk (RTT) or a Priority Request to Talk (PRTT) message via the MDT. Then, you must set up a voice call with the operator before the operator can talk to you on the radio or by VoIP. In a closed-mic system, operators cannot hear each other on the radio, and dispatchers control who is on the channel at any time. Use the guidelines developed within your transit agency to determine when a PRTT message is appropriate.

When you set up a voice call, you must select the radio talk group or channel for the call. Using private radio, a maximum duration must be set for the call. Using VoIP, which must be a closed-mic system, the duration is not required. You can also select multiple vehicles to talk to at the same time. Read Voice Call Settings for more information.

If your system is not a closed-mic system, your radio system operates independently of myAvail and operators do not need to send RTT or PRTT messages before talking on the radio. Consequently, those events do not appear in the Communications Queue for open-mic systems.

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