Fleet Group Monitoring

For all functions on the Operations tab, the information displayed is limited to vehicles that are part of fleet groups that you are monitoring. This allows you to focus on vehicles that you are responsible for and doesn’t clutter up your screen with vehicles that other dispatchers are monitoring.

When you log on to the myAvail system, the default fleet groups you are responsible for monitoring are assigned to your username. To see the fleet groups that you are currently monitoring, view Position Settings Tab. Depending on your permissions, you might be able to change the groups that you are monitoring through your position settings.

If no dispatchers are monitoring a defined fleet group, messages from vehicles in that group are automatically displayed for all dispatchers who are logged in. This ensures that all messages are seen by a dispatcher. For example, you are the only dispatcher on site for an hour each morning and you are assigned to monitor only the fixed route fleet. However, both a fixed route fleet and a paratransit fleet group are defined in your system. During this hour, the system displays messages from both fleet groups for you. This ensures that messages from paratransit vehicles can be handled by you during the time that you are the only dispatcher.

When the paratransit dispatcher logs in, you no longer see messages from paratransit vehicles.
This precaution is performed automatically by the system and does not require you to change the fleet group assignment. Consequently, if you see a message from a vehicle in a fleet group that you are not monitoring, recognize that there is no dispatcher monitoring that group.

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