Cancel Service

Use this option when you need to cancel a scheduled service. You might need to use this option for events such as a lack of equipment or operators, inclement weather, or unexpected traffic that makes it impossible to provide the scheduled service. This option allows you to communicate the canceled service on public information outlets ( your myStop applications, etc.).

Start of Cancelled Service: Select the Start of Cancelled Service. Select the block, trip, and stop (if no stop is selected, the software assumes the trip is canceled).

End of Cancelled Service: Select the End of Cancelled Service. Select the trip and the stop. If no stop is selected, the software assumes the trip is canceled. 

Incident Type: The incident type will default to the selected Decision Support action, but you can still change the incident type from the drop-down menu. Agency staff can also subscribe to receive alerts for incidents (phone text/emails) if this is included in their personnel account.

Reason Code: Select a reason code from the drop-down. There are several options available to choose from, depending on the Type selected, you will be able to pick the appropriate reason code.

Title: Write a short title of the message/description.

Description: Enter a short Description.

Click Submit.

TIP: To properly capture the missed miles, hours, and trips associated with your canceled service, open the incident that was created as a result of the Cancel Service action.
Then open the 'Service Info' sub-tab of the incident. You can use this area to document any schedule deviations.

Where are Incidents Located? Vehicle incidents are managed in the Compliance product suite in your web-based Avail (ETMS).

System Adjustments: Use the information you added to the incident as a reference for entering your system adjustments in DataPoint in the Operations product suite. This process helps the agency account for schedule changes for reporting needs:

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