Discharge Only

Use this option when a vehicle servicing a route is near or at capacity (full bus). In this situation, you might want the nearly full vehicle to go into discharge only to alert riders via the vehicle's destination sign. This option allows you to message the operator to place the vehicle in Discharge Only mode and allows you to create an Incident. Dispatchers often use this option in conjunction with the Platoon Tripper option.

Message to Operator: Enter a message to the vehicle that you are requesting to enter discharge only mode. Make sure to select either No Ack, Ack Required, or Yes/No so you can see the operator’s response to the message.

Incident Type: The incident type will default to the selected Decision Support action. The user can still  change or select the incident type from the drop-down. The user can now also subscribe to an email or text alerts for the incidents or the event.

Reason Code: Select a reason code from the drop-down. There are several options available to choose from, depending on what type was selected the user will be able to pick the appropriate reason code.

Title: Write a short title of the message/description.

Description: Enter a short Description.

Click Submit.

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