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Fleets are groups of vehicles that share the same purpose, fuel type, and maintenance program. The Fleets feature allows you to add and edit your agency's vehicle fleets.

Use the Search field to find a specific fleet by fleet ID number or description.

To add a new fleet:

  1. Click from the left-hand panel.
  2. Fill out the fields on the Basic Info tab. The Fleet ID and the Description fields are required. All other fields are optional. 
  3. Click Save to finish creating the fleet.


  • The Fuel Type drop-down contains transit-specific options that are maintained in Transit Assets>Settings>Misc Codes (VM). Whatever option you select here will be assigned to all vehicles in the fleet.
  • Although mixed-purpose/fuel-type fleets (ex. electric and hybrid combined, or maintenance and supervisor combined) are possible, we recommend creating separate fleets for each purpose, fuel type, and maintenance schedule. For pre-existing mixed-purpose/fuel-type fleets, remember the following:
    • Live Map will display the map icons for the fuel type and purpose set for the whole fleet.
    • Optional fields on the Basic Info tab should remain blank when vehicles in the fleet do not share the same values. You'll be able to add those details in the Vehicles feature.
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