Editing Detour Segments


Click the Edit button in the Impacted by Detour table to edit the detour segment. The window that appears displays the map and information  about the starting and ending stops, and distance information about the old and new segments as shown below:




To edit the route trace, hover the mouse pointer over a portion of the route that you need to change. After the route marker appears , click and hold the mouse button on the marker. Drag this route marker to the new street and release the mouse button when the marker snaps  to the correct location. You might need to click and drag route markers multiple times to correctly specify the detour route. This map is aware of one-way streets and no turn intersections, which affects where you can drop the route markers.


HINT: Software expected behavior - the software algorithm seeks to find the shortest distance from datapoint A to datapoint B and will also avoid one-way roads.

After you finish specifying the route, enter the expected time deviation in minutes. Use the new segment distance to help create a reasonable estimate of the deviation. myAvail uses this deviation to adjust the stop-to-stop running times for the detour and to calculate schedule adherence accurately.



NOTE: You can enter negative deviations. A detour might create a shorter path  with fewer stops, which causes a negative deviation.



Click the Generate Turn-By-Turn Directions to create the driving instructions for the operators.  After myAvail generates the directions, you can edit them as needed.

No route edits are committed until you click the Save button. Click the Cancel button at any time to discard your changes. Repeat this process for all impacted routes and directions.

After editing all of the individual segments, save the entire detour by clicking Save Detour at the top-right of the window. You have not saved the detour until you click this button.

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