Impacted by Detour


After you create a polygon, the window automatically generates a list of the route segments and stops affected by the detour (polygon area).     Note, it does not display Deadhead routes.



The Impacted by Detour grid displays each Route Direction detour segment individually to allow a detour to be in effect for a single direction only. Click the slider to toggle the impacted status between YES and NO. When NO is selected, that segment will be removed from the table of segments to edit. That segment will not be included in the detour.

myAvail lists all impacted detour segments in the lower portion of the table. This portion of the table displays the starting and ending stop IDs for each segment and stop names. Users may also enter a time deviation, in  minutes, for each detour segment; to account for any additional/decreased time the vehicle will need, as noted below:  

You must edit all detour segments before being able to save and finalize the detour.

Unedited detour segments display a grey edit button. After you successfully edit and save each detour segment, the edit button turns green. All segments must be reviewed and saved.

After editing all of the individual segments, save the entire detour by clicking Save Detour at the top-right of the window. You have not saved the detour until you click this button.

The next section describes how to edit the detour segments.


HINT: Be sure to understand the characteristics of the detours. You might exclude routes or route directions based on specific conditions. For example, construction might close bus stops, which affects local service routes. However, express routes might be able to travel through the area unimpeded.

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