Active and Expired Message

Upon entering Public Messages, you will see a list of active messages. A tab allows you to display expired messages.

Column Description
Priority Indicates message priority. See how priority affects message handling.

A check indicates the message is available to the public.

NOTE: When this box is not checked, the message is not displayed even during the active date/time range.

Start Date The first day the message is displayed.
End Date The last day the message is displayed. NOTE: Messages are not automatically removed at the end of the date range by Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and Text Messages.

After the end date for a message passes, myAvail no longer displays the message in the Active grid and includes it in the Expired grid. To view the Expired grid, click Expired. Items in the Expired grid cannot be edited. However, you can duplicate an expired message and use it as the starting point for a new message.

Use the search box in the upper-right hand corner of the messages table to search for text in the messages. This process filters the list to show only the messages that contain the search text. To go back to the full list, delete the text in the search field. This search applies to both the Active and Expired tabs.

Click a message to display it and make edits. See the following section, Creating a Message, for guidance about editing message fields.

When you hover the pointer over the three dots on the right end of a message row, a hover menu appears.

In the Active messages table, the hover menu displays options to Edit and Duplicate the message. Alternatively, you can Edit a message by clicking anywhere within its row.

In the Expired messages table, the hover menu allows you to Duplicate the message. This option lets you use an old message as the starting point for a new message.

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