Canned Messages

Dispatcher Canned Messages

Click the Canned Messages tab to see a list of defined Dispatcher Canned Messages. To delete  an existing message, click the Delete icon next to the message. To edit an existing message, click the Edit icon next to the message. To add a new message, click the Add icon at the top of  the list and the following popup is displayed.

Enter the canned message text and click the Save icon.

To search for an existing message, enter your search text in the Search box in the upper-right hand corner and click the Search icon. This box searches both the Dispatcher Messages and the Operator Messages tabs.

Operator Messages

To define canned messages from the vehicles to dispatch, click the Operator Messages tab. myAvail displays a list of existing canned operator messages. You can define up to a configurable limit of operator canned messages (40 max) for each category. On these tabs, you can delete and edit existing messages by clicking the appropriate icons next to the message.

To create a new message, click the Add icon at the top of the list. After you click the Add icon, myAvail displays the following pop-up.

  1. Select the category for this message from the drop-down list. Emergency and Common messages are available on all vehicles. Fixed-Route messages are available only on fixed route vehicles. The same type of limitation applies to Paratransit and Supervisor messages.
  2. Select the Message ID, which you can use to group messages together. All messages must have unique message IDs.
  3. Select a Message Prefix. The message prefix is displayed on the vehicle to link the        message to a specific function, such as FBX for farebox.
  4. Enter the text of the message. The text can have a maximum of 22 characters.
  5. Click the Save icon to add it to the list.


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