Vehicle Occupancy in myStop

After logging in to the myAvail Passenger Information website, selecting a bus number/ID on the left Menu will center the map on that bus and display its vehicle information in a pop-up:

The Vehicle Occupancy is a percentage of the total vehicle occupancy. Total vehicle occupancy is defined in the Transit Assets Suite in the fleet card. So if you see a vehicle showing as full when there are only one or two riders, there’s a good chance the vehicle’s occupancy number is incorrect.

These values come to passenger information via GTFS. See here for more information about the standard, and a handy chart of occupancy levels.

The actual thresholds are defined below. 

“Many Seats Available” = under 50% of seats are taken,

“Few Seats available” = 50-95% of seats are taken.

“Standing Room Only” = If a vehicle has standing room and the seated capacity is 80-100% full,

“Crushed” = If seated capacity is above 100% and total capacity <95%

“Full” = If total capacity is above 95% 

Possible Capacities: Definition:
Empty Less then 10% of seating cap
Many Seats Available Between 10% and 50% of seating cap
Few Seats Available Between 50% and 95% of seating cap
Standing Room Only Greater than 80% of seating cap and standing room allowed
Crushed Standing Room Greater than 100% of seating cap and greater than 95% of total cap
Full Full
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