Annunciator Default Volume Levels

Vehicles are configured to play internal and external announcements at agency-defined global default levels for all vehicles in a fleet. The myAvail in-vehicle system can also implement an automatic gain control (AGC) system that adjusts the internal volume above the default level to compensate for a noisy vehicle. The optional feature is standard at most properties. (There is no AGC for external volume.)

Authorized maintenance personnel can set the default minimum, maximum, and volume levels for internal and external announcements on a particular vehicle. These vehicle-specific volume defaults override the global volume defaults for the agency’s fleet. Avail anticipates that the global volume defaults will work for most vehicles in the fleet. However, a few vehicles might have unusual audio or noise conditions that require unique vehicle-specific volume defaults.

Operators can set the internal announcement to play at a certain volume level within the minimum and maximum levels while they are logged on. However, the internal volume level reverts to the default level after operator logoff or vehicle restart. See section operator Adjustment of Internal Announcement Volume.

Only personnel authorized to access the MDT Maintenance Admin screen should set vehicle-specific volume defaults. Typically, this function is only available to Maintenance personnel.

To set vehicle-specific volume defaults:

  1. Authorized personnel only: Log on to the MDT Maintenance Admin screen.
  2. From the Admin Maintenance screen, press the button to open the Maintenance Announcement Volume Test screen:
  3. Enter the Audio ID of a known announcement and press the and buttons to test the volume levels of each.
  4. If you determine that the default volume levels need adjustment, press the button to open the Volume Configuration screen:
  5. Use the Toggle Internal/External button to select the speaker location to be adjusted.
    • If the button displays, the volume settings are for the Internal speakers.
    • If the button displays, the volume settings are for the External speakers.
  6. To adjust the Default Volume, press the  button. You should hear an audio tone playing through the speaker(s). Press and hold the Default Volume slider button while moving it left or right to adjust the tone volume level. You can also press the , , , or buttons to set the audio level.
  7. Once the volume level is correct, press the button to make the change. To cancel any changes before saving, you can press the or buttons.
  8. You can follow this step similarly to modify the Min Volume and Max Volume levels.
    NOTE: The Default Volume is limited by the Min Volume and Max Volume settings.

The Volume Configuration Default Volume settings are the settings that the system uses to control the loudness of internal and external announcements. However, the operator and AGC system can also adjust the internal announcement volume levels. The minimum and maximum values restrict how far the operator and AGC can change the volume from the default value.

NOTE: The internal Default Volume can only be adjusted to 10% below the internal Max Volume. This 10% is “headroom” for the AGC system, to allow it to increase volume above the Default Volume for noisy conditions. Because there is no AGC for external announcements, there is no external headroom.
NOTE: Be sure to press the button after modifying any volume settings, or the system will clear your changes after you leave the Volume Configuration screen.
NOTE: To restore the volume settings to the global fault default volume settings, press the Defaults button, then press the Save button to store the settings in the system.
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