myAvail 8.5 Release Notes


Avail has completed development and testing of new myAvail build: ETMS 8.5. These builds address issues found in previous builds and include new and merged functionality, including more of the ERP functions that are now accessible in the ETMS platform. The issues resolved and feature enhancements and adjustments are described in the tables below.

Enhancements and Feature Adjustments

ID #

Enhancement Description

Route Ladder

34403 Req 9 Route Ladder Views
34406 Req 12 - Bi Directional Lane Logic
34537 Vehicle Details Card
34538 Stop Details Card
34539 Route Ladder - New Page and Navigation
34540 Route Select Control with color chips
34573 Create Route Ladder Security Functions
34596 Route Stops API
34597 Vehicle Location API
34598 Route Ladder Route and Timepoint display
34599 Loop Route display
34600 Stop Timepoint name tooltip display
34615 Vehicle Location SignalR Hub
34650 Route Ladder Route and Timepoint display: Add Live Map link
34652 2180 Mobile Responsive
34654 2060 Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Route Vehicle SignalR Hub
34667 2140 Vehicle Display on Timeline
34669 2160 Update vehicle icon based on SignalR updates
34989 Route Ladder Layover Data
34990 Show a tooltip of the Route title when hovering over the large Route chip
34992 Add the link icon at the end after the "LIVE MAP" text
35007 Sort the routes by SortOrder field
35023 Route Ladder: Show the pop ups if connection to the server is lost
35025 If routeStopsHub is able to reconnect, the app should reconnect to the live updates groups
35096 Link from Live Map to Route Ladder
35113 Route Ladder Vehicle Alert State
35202 Route Ladder APIs - Add Block
35378 Route Ladder - Add Block blockFareboxId to vehicle tooltip and vehicle card
35506 Route Ladder: The route ladder should handle Vehicles which change Routes



Dispatch Map bugs


Revise ETMS Card Icon and help text


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