Table Navigation in the NTD Administration

To access the tables, launch the NTD Reporting card in ETMS from Compliance/NTD Reporting

Click on the NTD Administration card.

You will see the NTD Administration screen with tiles for all the tables.

Several of the tables are seeded or pre-populated with data from the FTA. This data can be edited or added to.

Table Navigation

This section explains the navigation of the NTD Administration forms. The process is the same for all the tables and follows the Avail ETMS navigation standard.

The left pane of window contains the summary list of all records in the table. To edit a record, simply single click the record and the detail screen opens in the right pane.

At the top of pane, you can search for entries. You can also add new records by clicking the blue “Add” button. At the far right of the pane is a scroll bar that allows you to scroll up and down through the list. To navigate back one level, click on the “< Back to NTD Administration” link .

The right pane of the window is the detailed information for each record.

Fields with * next to the field name are required fields. Fields with dropdowns are linked to other tables and ensure data integrity. Fields without dropdowns are text entry.

To add or edit a record, make changes, and click on the Save button in the upper right corner of the pane. To discard changes, click on the Cancel button.


The access to NTD Reporting/NTD Administration features can be controlled through the Position settings under Human Resources module.

Checking the checkbox will ensure that Position will have access to those cards in the ETMS.



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