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Account Categories

This table contains the list of categories that the records in the master crosswalk table fall under as related to NTD forms (Financial Statements, Funding Source, Operating Expense, etc.)

Category Name:    High level grouping of accounts for items on F-10 Funding Sources (Directly Generated Funds, Directly Generated Dedicated Funds, Local Gov’t Funds, State Gov’t Funds, Federal Funds, Non-Added Revenues, Operating Expenses, Capital Expenses) and F-60 Financial Statement (Assets, Liabilities, Net Position).

To add an Account Category select the Add Account Category button.

Account Modes

This table contains the list of all NTD Mode/Service Types the agency provides (MB DO, MB PT, DR PT, etc.).

Mode Name:     Common name of the transportation mode (Demand Response Purchased Transportation, Motor Bus Directly Operated, etc.)

Mode Code:      NTD mode abbreviation (DR, MO, FB, etc.)

Service Type:     NTD service type abbreviated (DO, PT, etc.)

USOA Accounts

This table is the master list of USOA Accounts as provided by the FTA.

This table contains nested records, where some records are child records of higher level parent records.  For example, USOA Account 1110 – Cash and Cash Equivalents is a child record of USOA Account 1100 – Current Assets. On the record for account 1110, you would select 1100 as the parent account.

Account Number:           USOA account number (1000, 4110, 4500, etc.)

Account Name:               USOA account name (Assets, Passenger Fares, Federal Funds, etc.)

Account Category:          High level grouping of accounts for items on F-10 Funding Sources  and F-60 Financial Statement.

Parent Account:              USOA Account that is the “parent” account of one or many “child” subaccounts.

NOTE: Not every record in the table is a parent or a child. The parent account can be left blank.
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