Support Case Priorities and SLAs

What to Expect with a Support Case

After you submit a case in the AvailTec Portal, you'll receive an email notification that we've received your case. You'll continue to receive system-generated emails to keep you informed throughout the case lifecycle, such as the notification of a new comment from our Support Team. Keep an eye on your email and the AvailTec Portal for contact from us with follow-up questions that can be addressed in a timely manner.

Throughout the lifecycle of a case, if Customer Support cannot resolve the case and requires additional help from other departments in the company, the status of the support case will be changed. Additional statuses include:

  • FAST/Training Escalation (Additional Training)
  • Engineering Escalation (Tier 3 Support)
  • IT Escalation (Network Related) and
  • Services Escalation (Schedule Related)

When Customer Support believes the case has been resolved, Customer Support enters information in the portal resolution field and changes the status of the case to Pending Customer Review, and the customer is notified via an auto-generated email. A case should not be closed prior to it moving to Pending Customer Review status. A case cannot be closed via the portal without the appropriate fields completed after it is created. After a case has been changed to Pending Customer Review status, the customer will be notified regularly reminding the customer to confirm the case is closed. We highly encourage the case owner to close the case from the portal if they agree it’s complete. If the customer does not close the case via the portal, the case will automatically close after 12 business days, and the status will be changed to Auto Closed.

Case Priorities

Priority Definition



A nuisance issue which is not causing a significant impact on system performance or

interfering with the work of the customer.



A support case that does not have a significant impact on system performance or

interfering with the work of the customer.



A support case that has a significant impact on the system performance and/or which

has a significant impact on the customer and/or is public-facing.

Critical System outage.

Note: Color coding corresponds with priority in the Customer Portal.

* Refer to Appendix B for examples of issues that may be experienced in the system for each priority.

Priority-Based Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

Priority Level Normal Business Hours Outside Business Hours
Response Time Resolution Time Response Time Resolution Time
Critical 15 minutes 2 hours 1 hour 4 hours
High 2 hours 1 business day 4 hours 1 business day
Medium 1 business day 5 business days 1 business day 5 business days
Low 1 business day 10 business days 1 business day 10 business days

Case Status Definitions

Status (Reason) Definition Notes
New A new case in the Customer Portal, a new support voicemail, or a new email sent to support.  
In Progress The case is actively being worked by Avail.  
Engineering Escalation The case has been escalated to Avail’s Engineering Department.  
Onsite Visit Required When an onsite visit is needed to resolve or gather more info for a case In-person meeting
Pending Customer Review Avail believes we have resolved the issue and are waiting for the customer to confirm. 12-day timer
Pending Enhancement The customer has requested a feature change to myAvail which needs to be discussed internally to determine whether it will be added to Avail’s product roadmap.  
Pending Software Fix – Software Issue Assigned Engineering does not have a solution and needs to fix the bug in a future release. Avail provides a software issue (SWI) number. Pauses SLA timer.
Pending Upgrade The customer needs a newer version of myAvail to resolve their issue. Pauses SLA timer.
Pending Vehicle Upgrade The customer needs a newer version of the vehicle code to resolve their issue. Pauses SLA timer.
Service Escalation The case has been escalated to Avail’s Services Department. Schedule data-related issues.
FAST/Training Escalation The case uncovers additional training needs or direct request for additional training  
IT Escalation The reported issue needs Avail IT support Network related
Waiting on Customer Avail is requesting more information from the customer. Pauses SLA timer.
Waiting on Third Party The case is being worked on by a third party and/or Avail needs information from the third party to continue working the case.
  • This does not include TSI or TMS
Pauses SLA timer.


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