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Return Materials Authorization requests, known as RMAs, are how Avail tracks hardware repair requests. RMAs are initiated by users and managed by Avail. 

RMA Process

To request an RMA:

  1. Log in to the Avail Customer Portal (https://www.availtecportal.com)
  2. Click the Request RMA button on the home page.
  3. On the Request RMA page, complete the request form with the following information:
    • Self-Triage Complete (Yes/No)
    • Return Reason Summary (Provide detailed info)
    • Agency and Contact name (Populates based on your portal user profile)
    • Hardware Selection
    • Serial Number
    • Bus # (If applicable)
    • Vehicle Out of Service (Yes/No)
  4. Click the Submit button once you have completed all the required fields - indicated with asterisks.

    NOTE: Repeat steps 2-4 for each item you wish to return. Each submitted RMA will be automatically supplied with an RMA number.
  5. You will receive an email notification for each submitted request. Each email notification will include a unique RMA number and the information you submitted via the customer portal.

    WARNING: You MUST print each email notification and add them to your shipment. The old PDF form has been decommissioned and is not needed.

    Example Email:

    Avail Technologies, Inc. RMA Form


    RMA #:       RM-006305

    Customer:   Avail Technologies, Inc.                               POC:     Mike Shuey

    Hardware: Data Modem Sierra Wireless MP70                 SN:  FFFFFF  

    Return Reason Summary:

    Your summary will appear here.


    Ship Item(s) to:

    Avail Technologies, Inc.
    Attn:  RM-006305
    1960 Old Gatesburg Rd., Suite 200
    State College, PA 16803

  6. Carefully and securely package the item(s) and return to Avail with the RMA clearly indicated in the Attn line:

    Avail Technologies, Inc.

    Attn: (RMA #)
    1960 Old Gatesburg Road
    Suite 200
    State College, PA 16803

    WARNING: Avail is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping, such as a cracked screen.
  7. When Avail receives the item(s), our team performs triage to determine if the issue can be repaired in-house or if the item needs to be returned to the manufacturer.
  8. Avail will update the status of your RMA on the Support RMA page of the Customer Portal
  9. When the RMA is complete it will be shipped back to you.


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