Covert Emergency Alarm (Dispatch Perspective)

Pushing the covert emergency alarm button notifies dispatchers of the event using an audible sound and an alert display as shown below.


When you move the mouse, the alarm indication disappears, and the Emergency Alarm event appears in the Communications Queue. The audible alarm continues to play until a dispatcher takes the event. A vehicle in Emergency Alarm mode will not receive text messages, and systems using VoIP or closed mic radio systems will not accept standard radio requests.

If your vehicles are equipped for covert monitoring, available with Closed Mic radio and VoIP systems, set up a covert call to the vehicle in emergency mode by double-clicking the Emergency Alarm event in the Communications Queue. A window appears that allows you to select the Talk Group for the covert call. Click the Call button to monitor audio on the vehicle on the selected Talk Group.

When you click the call button, the call status indicator at the bottom of the screen indicates a Covert Call. To end the covert call, click the End Call button.

NOTE: When a covert call is set up in a radio system, there is a break every 30 seconds. These breaks allow the vehicle to enter data mode for a few seconds to send location data, after which it returns to voice mode. Consequently, you will hear a break in the monitoring every 30 seconds. After clicking the End Call button, the covert call ends after the current 30-second interval.
TIP: Refer to Covert Emergency Alarm (Operator Perspective) for more information.
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