Configuring the Screen Layout in the myAvail Dispatch Client

If the screen contains information in a grid like in the example below, you can change the order and width of the columns. The filter symbol  next to a column name indicates that you can filter the grid by selecting values in the column. These changes are usually session specific, but there are a few exceptions for particular grids.

If you have the necessary position permission, you can save layout changes for the following grids:

In addition to saving layout changes, you can control which columns myAvail displays. There are slight variations in how the tables are displayed in the Operations tab and in the Geographic Tools Replay Grid, but the capabilities are identical.

Change Column Width

To change the width of a column, place the mouse cursor between the column headings. When the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, click and hold the left mouse button. Slide the mouse to decrease or increase the column width. Release the mouse button at the desired width.

Change Column Position

To change the position of a grid column, place the mouse cursor over the column heading that you want to move. Click and hold the left mouse button. Drag the column to the new location and release the mouse button.

The grids appear slightly different when you move columns in the Operations tab and in Geographic Tools Replay Grid. Samples of both grids are below:


Geographic Tools

In Geographic Tools, the two differences are the following:

  • A plus sign appears in the column header when you are moving a column.
  • Two small white arrows appear between columns, which identify the current move-to location.

Filter Grid by Column Values

A filter symbol blobid0.png next to a column name indicates that you can filter the grid by selecting values in the column. When you click the filter symbol, myAvail displays options based on the values in the column.

For columns where each line has a different value (e.g., time), filters display a logic-based selection window. You can set one or more criteria as shown below:


For columns that contain a limited number of possible values, filters present a selection list, as shown below:


Sort by Column Values

To sort the grid by the values in a column, click the column name. A small blue arrow appears over the column name that indicates the sort order.

TIP: Sorting the column is a three-way toggle. The first click sorts by ascending values. The second click sorts by descending values. The third click returns the grid to the default order.

Change the Displayed Columns

If you have permission to save your screen layout, you can control how the Geographic Tools Replay grid and the Operations tab display columns.

Operations Tab

On the Pullout window, click the  button at the bottom to display the list of fields that the window can display. The window displays the checked fields. Uncheck a field to remove it from the display.

Geographic Tools

Replay Grid requires two extra clicks. First, click the  icon on the column heading to open a tool list.

In the list, click  to open the column list, which is the same for all columns.

Save the Screen Layout

You can alter and save the layout on the following three screens:

myAvail displays the default layout to all users the first time they use the screen. When discussing altering and saving the screen layout, there are two possibilities.

  1. Users who have the necessary security permissions can alter and save the default screen layout for all
  2. Other security permissions allow users to alter and save their personal screen

System administrators grant permission to save both the default and user screen layout. The ability to save the screen layout is set individually for each screen. Avail recommends allowing only a limited number of users to save the default screen layout, usually those with System Administrator privileges.

There are differences between saving the screen layout for the Operations - Status and Pullout windows and the Geographic Tools - Replay grid.

Saving the default layout presented to any user that does not have permission to save a personal layout on the Operations tab requires the user to open the Concealable Toolbar and then click the save blobid3.png icon. The default screen layout is saved separately for each position.

On the Geographic Tools - Replay grid in the upper-right corner, the save icon blobid4.png saves the default grid layout.

For the Operations - Status or Pullout layout, myAvail automatically saves the layout when the user exits the Operations tab.

However, with the Geographic Tools - Replay grid, a user with permission to save their personal grid layout must click the save icon blobid3.png in the upper-right corner of the grid.

TIP: After users save a screen layout, that layout becomes their personally saved layout. If the default layout changes, these users continue to see their personally saved layout and will not see the new default layout until they click the reset button .
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