Fare Import Overview

The Fare Import feature allows you to import information from all fare vendors on the market directly into myAvail. This provides a single point of reporting with consistent ridership reporting regardless of the origin.

There are two methods for importing fare data: Utilizing our API or manual file upload. Our open API delivers an efficient and painless import of your fare data. The manual file upload serves as a reliable method for agencies whose vendors are unable to utilize our API.


The imported data goes into our holding tank for exception processing and then into the data warehouse for reporting. Your agency may have various fare data sources, many of which can utilize our import. Some sources include:

  • Validating and Registering Fareboxes from our partners like GFI
  • Mobile Ticketing Solutions from our partners like Modeshift, Masabi, and Token Transit
  • Avail's Fare screens

Some of the data elements we collect and validate as part of our exception processing include:

  • Vehicle and operator
  • Run, block, trip, and stop
  • Latitude and longitude of each collected fare
  • Fare name, type, category, and source
  • Bill and coin counts
  • And more!


We'll partner with any industry vendor you work with. GFI and Modeshift are already qualified vendors and we're working to add more partners.

Contact your account manager or email bisdev@availtec.com if you are interested in streamlining your ridership reporting with our Fare Import API.

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