Fare Import Upload Troubleshooting Guide


If you see this warning, you know an error has occurred while uploading a fare import CSV file. In this troubleshooting guide, you'll find common errors and possible solutions for your fare file uploads. Click to expand an error and reveal the suggested solution.

Common Errors

The file <YourFileName>.csv already exists ...

If you upload the same file a second time, you will get this error message, indicating the file already exists and was successfully uploaded:

You have previously uploaded the exact file with the intent to upload a newer version of the first file, or altogether a new file.

Recommended action: Check that you have selected the correct file and try your upload again.


The file: '<YourFileName>.csv' does not contain any data

Your CSV file is missing data or is completely blank.

Recommended action: Check that you selected the correct file and try your upload again.

Multiple errors detected...

Your upload has more than one error that must be corrected.

Recommended action:  Carefully review the errors listed in the Error Message column of the Fare Import Report. You can view the updated report by refreshing the page or by heading to the Planning & Scheduling > Fare Import Report page.


You must first correct each of the identified items and then try your upload again. See Data Type Errors in the Error Message Column for more information.

Data Type Errors in the Error Message Column

Each column of data must be formatted correctly in order to be successfully validated. Therefore, there are multiple variations of this error, influenced mainly by the number of records in your file. 


Recommended action: Correct each identified data type error and try your upload again. Excel provides some guidance in their article, Available number formats in Excel (microsoft.com). More articles are available that may be better suited to your specific situation. Refer to these resources to correct the error as identified in the Error Message column of the Fare Import report and try your import again. 

<Object> does not contain a definition for '<CSV Column>'


The referenced column in the error message (<CSV Column>) is either completely missing from your import file or the header is misspelled.

Recommended action: Check that all the required columns are included in your column and appear exactly as they do in Fare Import Data Definitions and File Requirements.

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