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Use the Detour Report to determine the extent to which detours affect service. This report displays impact information for detours that are active during the date range that the filter pane specifies. The report provides detour impact information for the overall service, specific detours, route and service level combinations, and individual trips.

The summary numbers in the top portion indicate the overall average daily impact and the overall miles and hours that detours affect. These values represent the following:

  • Average Daily Impact: The average number of trips, miles, and hours that detours affect during the specified date range.
  • Miles/Hours Affected: The total number of miles and hours that detours affect during the specified date range.

The table below these summary values displays information for specific detours including the cause of the detour, the total time impact, the total mileage impact, and the daily and trip averages.

Click a column heading to sort the table by that column. Multiple clicks toggle between ascending and descending sort orders. For example, click the Average Time Per Day heading to display detours with the greatest time impact at the top of the table.

Click the plus sign for a detour to expand it and display detour impact information for specific combinations of route and service levels. For example, the expanded area below displays the various routes and service levels that are affected by the Howe Avenue.

In turn, click the plus sign for a route and service level combination to display detour impact information for specific trips, as shown below.

Click the map icon  on any of these screens to display a map of the detour.

Due to this report now pulling data from the Data Warehouse, not Transit Authority database, it will not update immediately but only after the ETL runs the following day. The detour mileage and hours information that was entered retroactively, may not show in the report at once or will show only a day later. If you have the ETL set to run 2 days instead of 1, the changes will show in 2 days.

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