Creating a Vehicle Incident from the myAvail Dispatch Application [Video]

NOTE: This article covers creating vehicle incidents in the myAvail Dispatch Application. Refer to Adding Vehicle Incidents for information about creating incidents in the myAvail Compliance Suite. Learn more about Vehicle Incident Workflow. 

The Vehicle Incidents feature provides your agency with a comprehensive incident-tracking solution that incorporates details from various sources into one convenient location. Now you can create an incident in the myAvail Dispatch application and monitor it in the Compliance Suite. 

TIP: Position settings determine what Vehicle Incident access you have, such as viewing and creating vehicle incidents. See Access & Security for more information.

Vehicle Incident Process for Dispatch

To create an incident from the Dispatch application: 

  1. Navigate to the Operations tab within the myAvail Dispatch Application.
  2. Right-click on a vehicle record to manage an RTT, PRTT, event, maintenance event, communication, or on a bus bubble from the map.
  3. Select Take, Log, then Log with Incident.
  4. The Add Incident page will open in a new myAvail window with pre-populated incident details.
  5. Add the required information marked with asterisks to complete the form. Review Adding Vehicle Incidents for more information.
  6. Because you created the vehicle incident from the myAvail Dispatch application, you also have the option to use the mceclip0.png button to review the history of the vehicle.
  7. Click the Save button to save the new incident. Returning to the myAvail Dispatch Application, you will notice that the system has closed the event and removed it from the queue.
TIP: Enter any service adjustments in DataPoint. Navigate to ETMS>Operations>DataPoint and select Adjustments from under System Admin on the left-hand panel.

Video Demonstration

In this video, we'll show you how to complete this process in the myAvail Dispatch application.

Access & Security

Positions with the permission of Create Incident located under Operations > Dispatch > Queue Actions have the ability to create an incident from the myAvail Operations Dispatch application.


Any position with this enabled must at a minimum also have access to the following: 

  • Compliance > Incidents > Create
  • Compliance > Vehicle Incidents
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