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NOTE: This article covers new functionality for managing Vehicle Incidents. For the article on the legacy solution used in myAvail version 7.4.15 and older, please refer to How to Use the Incident Process in the myAvail User Guide PDF. 
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The Vehicle Incidents feature allows you to manage your agency's vehicle incidents from creation to closure. Depending on your position settings, you can create, view, edit, close, and reopen vehicle incidents. You can also review the status, assign and reassign incidents, search, filter, and look up detailed info about each.



Add Incident

Vehicle incidents can be added from two locations in myAvail. See Vehicle Incident Workflow to learn more about the two processes. 

Search Field

The search field is used for finding specific incidents by entering alphabetic or numeric values that could be found in any of the table columns: title, vehicle ID, Operator, type, code, status, etc. The only column not included in this search is Date.



Clicking mceclip5.png in the Vehicle Incidents pane opens the Filter Panel which allows you to filter incidents by Date, Status, Incident Type, Problem Code, or Vehicle ID. For example, picking the Problem Code of No Power and clicking Apply produced the following two incidents:


The Quick Filter buttons allow you to quickly filter incidents by today's incidents, those that are assigned only to you or that are Active. Picking the Today button will show active incidents only for today's operating day.


Pressing the Clear Filter button will clear all the filters and show the list of all the incidents.

TIP: Incidents created through the archive procedure will show 'Undefined' in the Created By column.


The Incidents Notification functionality enables you to set incident alerts, such as email and/or text. For more details see Incident Alerts and Notification Settings Tab.


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