Vehicle Incident Workflow

NOTE: This article covers the new Vehicle Incidents workflow. For the article on the legacy solution used in myAvail version 7.4.15 and older, please refer to How to Use the Incident Process in the myAvail User Guide PDF. 

The Vehicle Incidents form collects all necessary information to successfully track your agency's vehicle incidents. This workflow shows how to create incidents and 

Click on the links in the workflow to launch the process article in a new tab.  

Creating Vehicle Incidents

Vehicle incidents can be added in myAvail in two ways:

Each option is unique in how you initiate an incident, but all vehicle incidents will end up in the Compliance suite where the workflow continues. 

Incident Alerts

A great aspect of myAvail's incidents feature is enabling your team to remain informed about incidents. See Incident Alerts to learn more.

Vehicle Incident Review and Reporting

Regardless of where you create them, all saved incidents display on the Vehicle Incidents page. From here, you can manage all your incidents, regardless of status. 

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