Incident Alerts

With the latest vehicle incidents functionality, you can be notified when you're agency creates or updates vehicle incidents. The customizable alerts are delivered via text and email to users subscribed to those channels.

Alert Triggers

There are two types of alerts: New and updated. New alerts are triggered when someone at your agency adds a new incident in myAvail. Update alerts trigger when the status of an incident is changed, for example from Active to In Review. Subscribed users will receive alerts for both new and updated incidents. If you subscribe to alerts after an incident is created, you will only receive incident updates. 

Click on the images below to view examples of an SMS text message from Avail's dedicated number, 321123, and the accompanying email alert:

mceclip0.png mceclip2.png

Subscribing to Alerts

Before you can receive incident alerts, your position must first have incident email and/or text alerts enabled. To enable this, ask your system administrator to grant you access to Incident Email Alerts and Incident Text Alerts from the positions card in Human Resources. 


Once enabled for your position, you will be able to subscribe to the text and/or email alerts of your choice. 

TIP: Make sure you've added your email address and phone number to your user profile.

To subscribe, navigate to the Notifications Settings tab of your User Profile. In the User Settings section, select your desired alerts from the Incident Email Alerts and Incident Text Alerts menus and then click mceclip0.png. In this example, we've subscribed to Vehicle Problem and Passenger Incident email alerts. 


Control when you receive alerts by updating your selections in User Alert Dates and Times.


You can choose timeframes that limit the time of day, time of the week, and date ranges spanning years.

TIP: Remember to save your changes before navigating away from your user profile.


Incident alerts are customizable to suit your agency's needs. Alerts can include incident elements such as:

  • Incident number, description, and creation date and time
  • Operator and vehicle IDs
  • Block, route, and stop IDs
  • and more!

Contact support to make a request if your agency is interested in customizing incident alerts.

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