Human Resources (Legacy)

WARNING: This article contains documentation for the legacy ERP solution, Fleet-Net. Some of the features and processes described relate to the on-premise solution and may not accurately depict functionality in the new hosted solution, myAvail ETMS. Refer to Overview of Fleet-Net Features (Legacy) for features used throughout the legacy solution. New articles will be published as we update this content. Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions.

Fleet-Net® for Windows Product of Avail Technologies, Inc.

Legacy Human Resources

This guide covers such legacy human resources forms as Setup, Absence Tracking, Random Drug Testing, Discipline Citations, HR Forms, Employee Master, Employee Information, Affordable Care Act, Employee Listings, etc. 

As with all Fleet-Net® for Windows modules, the module must first be installed as directed in the System Administration Guide. Briefly, this includes (1) copying the data files, program files, server database, and the client master database, (2) running the configuration program, (3) copying the client master for individual use, (4) utilizing the HR/PR import tool.

TIP: To view the user guide, download the attached PDF using the linked file at the bottom of this article.

User Guide Contents

  • About This Guide
  • Human Resources Implementation
  • Human Resources Suite
  • Legacy Human Resources Card
  • Setup Card
  • Positions Card
  • Personnel Card
  • Legacy Human Resource Card
    • Employee Master Card
    • Employee Information Card
    • Absence Tracking Card
      • Absence Log Entry Card
      • Absence Log Report Card
      • Sick Card Maintenance Card
    • Random Drug Testing Card
      • Random Test Selection Card
      • Selection Parameters Card
      • Subcontractor Data Card
      • Testing Rate Maintenance Card
      • Test History Maintenance Form Card
      • Random Testing Notification Card
    • Discipline Citations Card
      • Citation Entry Card
      • Citation Listing Card
      • Citation Purge Card
      • Citation Number Verification Card
    • HR Forms Card
      • Personal Information Confirmation Card
      • Employee Action Card
      • Transaction Code Card
      • Employee History Card
      • Education Card
      • Worker’s Compensation Card
      • Dot Physical Card
      • User Defined Entry Card
      • EEO Reporting Card
    • Affordable Care Act Card
    • Employee Listings Card
    • Custom Legacy Human Resources Menu Card
  • Jazz HR Card
  • Approvals Card
  • My Employees Card
  • Document Library Card
  • Document Assignments Card
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