Software ID for ACA Electronic Reporting

NOTE: This article relates to year-end reporting for the 2022 tax year and will be updated each January to incorporate the latest process and information.

The Software ID is a unique code assigned to software companies, like Avail. Each year the IRS requires a new Software ID that you submit along with your Affordable Care Act (ACA) electronic reporting. 

TIP: You only need to complete this process if your agency submits the ACA reports electronically.

To update the Software ID:

  1. Navigate to the Menu Path: Human Resources > HR Setup > Edit Misc Codes List
  2. Select AffordableCareAct from the Type drop-down menu. The following form displays:
  3. Enter "22A0016257" as the new value for the SoftwareId code.
  4. Ensure all fields match the values in the table:
    Code Value
    SoftwareId 22A0016257
    VendorContactFirstName Ryan
    VendorContactLastName Harshbarger
    VendorContactPhone 814-234-3394
    ZipCodeCoverageCodes 1L,1M,1N,1O,1P,1Q

    TIP: The PathToFile value varies by agency. If you don't know if the current value is correct, contact your myAvail system administrator for assistance.
  5. To save your changes, click on a new line or click the pencil icon to the left of the most recently edited table row.
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