Driver Response to Dispatch Message Report

Are you looking for a way to verify when vehicle operators receive and respond to messages sent from the dispatch office? Review the Driver Response to Dispatch Message report in the Operations section of your Business Intelligence reports to locate this information. This report tracks communications for operations related to service, covering everything from messages for detours, transfer notices and more.  

This report displays when a message was sent (date and time), who sent it, the vehicle, the operator and operator Id, when the message was received, and any required acknowledgement. 

Navigate to the Operations product suite and open the Business Intelligence card. Open the Operational reports section and navigate to the Events reports in the dropdown menu. Hover over the arrow for Events and select the Driver Response to Dispatch Message Report:

Driver Response to Dispatch Message Report:

This report displays data from the previous day.  You can use the filter, located at the top right of the report, to adjust your date range or to focus on specific operators, dispatchers and vehicles. 

You can also sort the information by selecting the name of the column.

The message column will display an arrow if more text is available but not in view. Click on this to expand the information.

Message column example:

Want to bookmark, schedule this report to come right to your desk via email, or print the report? Hover over these icons, located at the top left of the report, to view each one's purpose: 



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