Covert Emergency Alarm (Operator Perspective)

myAvail has an optional feature that provides an emergency alarm button for the operators to use when they cannot openly contact dispatch, such as in potentially violent situations. Many properties acquire this option for their operators’ safety. If this option is installed, the property should provide guidelines about when it can be used.

The emergency alarm button is a physical button usually installed in a location the operator can inconspicuously press.

To activate the covert emergency alarm, press the button for longer than half a second.

A successfully activated emergency alarm triggers the following actions:

  • The system notifies the dispatcher using a large emergency icon along with an audible alarm.
  • The vehicle updates its location more frequently than usual.
  • The MDT discretely informs the operator that the dispatcher is monitoring the situation.
    • Normally the colon between the hours and minutes on the MDT clock blinks. When dispatch acknowledges they are aware of the emergency, the colon stays lit.
  • If the vehicle is so equipped, the dispatcher can activate a covert microphone on the vehicle and monitor sounds.
    • Dispatchers can activate the covert microphone only after the operator has pressed the emergency alarm.
    • The colon in the MDT clock disappears when dispatch is listening, which notifies the operator that dispatch can hear what is occurring.
  • The Emergency Alarm button can also send a signal to the Headsign that causes it to display an emergency message (e.g., Call 911).
  • Automatic vehicle announcements continue to occur normally when the EA button is activated.
  • The receipt of voice communications and text messages is disabled.
TIP: Refer to Covert Emergency Alarm (Dispatch Perspective) for more information.
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