Vehicle Swap Procedure

It is not uncommon that in-service vehicles cannot complete their current block. When there are riders on a disabled vehicle, and dispatch has arranged the best possible location to move the riders to the replacement vehicle, the operators on the disabled vehicle and replacement vehicle should perform the following steps.

Disabled vehicle:

  1. Upon reaching the transfer location Press Out of Service.
  2. Transfer riders to the replacement vehicle.
  3. Remain Out of Service until the vehicle is back in the yard.
  4. At the yard go back in service and log out.

Replacement vehicle:

  1. Log on to the run being replaced.
  2. When log on is complete, press Out of Service.
  3. When you arrive at the transfer point, press In-Service.
  4. Board the transfer riders.
  5. Continue the run.
NOTE: The boards of the riders on the replacement vehicle must be counted. There is a recommended procedure to check the total boards against the total alight for a vehicle for a service day to assist in detecting APC unit problems.
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