VoIP Phones & Road Supervisor Workflow

Supervisor Mobile Phone (VoIP) Workflow

Supervisors can initiate a call to vehicle operators by using VoIP in a closed mic system.

Simply open the Zoiper phone app, which is already installed on the mobile phone. This action will allow you to open a voice channel for a VoIP call to a vehicle or group of vehicles.

TIP: A key difference between radio and VoIP calls is that a VoIP system uses a cellular signal instead of a radio channel.

1. To create a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) call, first open the Zoiper app on the mobile phone:

    •  Locate the Zoiper app on the phone:

2. Use the number pad to call individual or groups of vehicles:

    • Type the number sign, then the vehicle Id to call a single vehicle
    • Type the number sign, then the vehicle Id and use an asterisk between each vehicle Id to add more than one vehicle and enter an asterisk
    • You can also use the shortcut tiles to quickly place a call to a particular group (dispatch, another mobile line, etc.)

Operator Workflow

Notification for a VoIP call is sent from dispatch and displays on the MDT (mobile data terminal). An audible tone also alerts the operator that a call has been opened. Just pick up the handset to take the call. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having difficulty hearing dispatch? Use the volume dial on the left side of the handset cradle to adjust it up or down.

TIP: If the picture of the MDT on the status bar is green, as shown above, it means the MDT is communicating with the system.



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