Extended Detour

  • The extended detour functionality supports both skipping stops and moving existing stops.
  • Only stops already part of the route can be moved, but the announcement can be changed or added for stops that are moved.
  • The extended detour functionality now supports detouring a trip change location, whether skipping or moving that stop.
  • Moved stops will ignore any angle of entry.
  • Skipped stops are not shown on the GUI.

Detour information can be viewed in the Trip Information area of the Home screen.

The Detour Active text alerts the driver that they are currently on the detour. The operator can touch the Detour Active text to show Detour Turn-by-Turn directions on the MDT.

For Extended Detours which contain stops at alternate locations, the MDT indicates a moved stop with an exclamation point (!) before the stop name.

The asterisk (*) at the end of a stop name indicates that it is a timepoint and that it has not changed.

NOTE: The operator can also view the Detour Turn-by-Turn directions by:
  • Touching both the Detour Upcoming and Detour Next buttons in the next 3-stop display - or -
  • Going to the MDT Inbox screen while the vehicle is near a detour and pressing the Detour button in the Inbox screen.

Detours Are Only Applied to Future Stops

  • Detours are applied to the vehicle’s schedule after logging on and after the run schedule file is loaded.
  • Due to the nature of the schedule adherence algorithm in the vehicle, detours can only be applied to future stops.
    • The vehicle determines where it is based on the time of day when it logs in.
      If the driver logs onto a trip late, it is possible that detours will not be applied between where the vehicle is and where the vehicle thinks it is based on the time of day.
    • For example, if the driver logs on at 12:15 pm, to a 12:00 pm trip, the driver is 15 minutes late, and only stops after a 12:15 pm stop departure will have the detour applied to it, and anything between 12:00 pm -12:15 pm will not have detour applied to it.

The blue dots indicate stops.

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