Displaying Detour Information

Detours are a common occurrence. myAvail provides dispatchers and planners with tools for managing long-term detours on fixed routes. These tools allow them to create a detour trace, public messages, general messaging to operators and Road Supervisors, and turn-by-turn directions.

For the operators, the system provides the following information:

  • The system sends a message to all routes that a detour affects. Authorized myAvail users can customize the message, but it usually includes the reason for the detour, the duration of the detour, and the impacted area.
    • This is a standard message that the MDT displays for all operators who log onto a run that has a detour.
  • The trip information section of the MDT Home screen displays the upcoming detour when the vehicle approaches the detour.
  • When the trip information window indicates that there is a detour within the next 3 stops, turn-by-turn directions are provided in the INBOX of the MSG section.
    • This feature allows the MDT to display the directions without requiring the operator to select a detour because there can be multiple detours active at the same time in different parts of the service area.
  • Boards and alights performed while on a detour are attributed to the first stop after the detour.
  • The system indicates the vehicle is on route while it follows the detour.
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