myAvail Legacy ERP Application Setup



This section contains important information for the IT staff. This section assumes a certain minimum knowledge of IT terminology and a basic understanding of computer networking. This section addresses the technical requirements, network considerations and tasks related to supporting myAvail. The section also addresses third-party tools, operating system add-on components and generic software used by myAvail. Therefore, this section is a good place to start looking for the root cause of any issue.

myAvail Legacy ERP Application Setup

To launch legacy ERP functionality, myAvail users must go through the following steps:

  1. INITIAL LOGON - Download a remote desktop client for the operating system from: 
    Launch the remote desktop client and log in to myAvail.

  2. Save your credentials for future logins.

  3. Log in to OneDrive with your credentials and walk through initial setup.

  4. Log in to the myAvail application with your provided username and password.

  5. Create a shortcut for your desktop or pin ETMS to your start menu for easy access in the future.

    • In the Windows 10 search bar type ETMS-ERP-PMI
    • Select ‘Open File Location’
    • Copy the shortcut in the file location to your desktop
    • Optionally, one can also pin the shortcut to the taskbar

  6. SUBSEQUENT LOGON - Launch the myAvail application from your task bar (1) or desktop shortcut (2).

  7. Log in to the myAvail application.
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