myAvail’s Email Needs

Four myAvail processes send email. Each of these processes have different requirements and system impacts. Consequently, myAvail uses multiple email servers. The email processes are the following:

  1. Public myStop® email alert subscription service. This process involves riders signing up to receive general and route-specific email alerts. Due to the potentially large volume of emails along with the possibility of being misclassified as a junk email server, Avail strongly recommends using a third-party email server, such as Amazon AWS.
  2. Scheduled reports from DataPoint or Business Intelligence. This internal process automatically sends reports by email to specific myAvail users. IT personnel will need to configure the myAvail application and the property’s email server separately. Consequently, Avail recommends using the property’s email server to facilitate this process.
  3. PRTG is a system and network monitoring tool that Avail Support uses. This tool can warn Avail Support about issues on your system before they are apparent to users. PRTG uses a built-in email server by default. However, if using the PRTG server causes problems, this service can use a different server. Using your property’s server is acceptable.
  4. Configured myAvail Events can send email alerts to users during specified hours of the day. This process uses the same email server as myStop®.
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