How to Shut Down and Start Up myAvail

To shut down all myAvail components and re-start them again, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down all myAvail applications running on all workstations. If the problem is a myAvail server problem, then it is unnecessary to shut-down the workstation, just the myAvail application.
  2. From the Services window on the AVL Server stop the BusinessWebServices service.
  3. Stop the CommsMain/CommsMiddleware service on the Communications server.
  4. Shut down the InfoPoint server
  5. Shut down the AVL server
  6. Shut down the Comms server
  7. On the DB server stop MS SQL Server services
    • SQL Server
    • SQL Server Agent
    • SQL Server Analysis Services
    • SQL Server Reporting Services
  8. Shut down the DB server
  9. If there is a third-party scheduling interface server (e.g. PASS-MON or RMGate), we recommend shutting down this server as well.
  10. Restart the DB server. Verify the server is fully re-started and the MS SQL Server DB engine is operational before starting the next server.
  11. Re-start the Communications Server. Verify that the following services started before proceeding to the next server:
    • DDS Wireless Network Gateway
    • CommsMain
  12. Re-start the AVL Server. Verify that the following service started:
    • BusinessWebServices
    • Restart the Sign Controller (Could be located on the Info server if equipped)
    • Restart the Apache Tomcat Service (Could be located on the Info server if equipped)
  13. Restart the InfoPoint server
    • Verify the Public web site, phone applications and signs are updating.
  14. Start up the myAvail applications on the workstations.


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